acclimatize to or be/become acclimatized to

acclimatize to or be/become acclimatized to
become accustomed to a new climate or new conditions.

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  • acclimatize — or acclimatise verb 1》 (often acclimatize to or be/become acclimatized to) become accustomed to a new climate or new conditions. 2》 Biology respond to changes in environmental factors. 3》 Botany & Horticulture harden off (a plant). Derivatives… …   English new terms dictionary

  • acclimatize — ac·cli·ma·tize or Brit ac·cli·ma·tise ə klī mə .tīz vb, tized or Brit tised; tiz·ing or Brit tis·ing vt to adapt to a new temperature, altitude, climate, environment, or situation vi to become acclimatized ac·cli·ma·ti·za·tion or Brit… …   Medical dictionary

  • acclimatize — v. (also ise) 1 tr. accustom to a new climate or to new conditions. 2 intr. become acclimatized. Derivatives: acclimatization n. Etymology: F acclimater: see ACCLIMATE …   Useful english dictionary

  • acclimatize — [[t]əkla͟ɪmətaɪz[/t]] acclimatizes, acclimatizing, acclimatized V ERG When you acclimatize or are acclimatized to a new situation, place, or climate, you become used to it. [FORMAL] [V to n] The athletes are acclimatising to the heat by staying… …   English dictionary

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  • acclimatize — also ise BrE also acclimate, AmE verb (I, T) to become used to a new place, situation or type of weather, or to make someone become used to it: get acclimatized: It usually takes a while to get acclimatized to living in a new place.… …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • acclimatization — ac·cli·ma·ti·za·tion (ə klī mə tĭ zāʹshən) n. The physiological adaptation of an animal or plant to changes in climate or environment, such as light, temperature, or altitude. * * * Any of numerous gradual, long term responses of an individual… …   Universalium

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